care homesmusic and dementiaperson-centred care Care Home of the Month – June Winners Announced

June 6, 2019

We are delighted to announce our first-ever Care Homes of the Month, as part of our work to raise the profile of Care Homes across the South that in our opinion excel at person-centred care.

We know there are many care homes who deserve recognition. These awards are for those care homes who in our eyes have gone above and beyond when it comes to raising the standard of person-centred care, and embedding music within their care, particularly whilst supporting those living with dementia. Nominated by our Musica Coordinators we are typically looking for homes that;

  • Value the importance of music within dementia care
  • Celebrate the individuality of people living with dementia
  • Actively engage in Musica’s services
  • Encourage residents’ families and carers to engage in Musica’s services
  • Encourage other members of staff to engage with music both during and outside of our sessions


The Importance of Person-centred Care & Music in a Home

Recognised as a leader in music and dementia, Musica has a professional reputation for delivering successful music interventions, and we pride ourselves on working alongside Care Homes for almost a decade now.

From our experience, person-centred care works particularly well when a home creates a sense of community within a home, and evidence shows that relationships between staff, residents, family, friends, and the wider community are the most important factor in determining the quality of life of residents. Music can play such a pivotal role in creating a relaxed home-like atmosphere, and we are delighted to see more and more care homes incorporating music into their daily schedules, not just during activity time.

Regions that took part this month’s awards include; Devon, Dorset, Hampshire West Sussex, and Bath & Bristol. We are delighted to announce our June winners below, along with a short statement from their nominated Musica Coordinator.


Our June 2019 Winners

Court House Residential 
“Court House Residential had a fantastic session in May – they engaged brilliantly and were laughing from start to finish. The Activities Coordinator had taken some time with the residents beforehand to try and guess what the theme would be, which helped to introduce our visit brilliantly. The residents were still ‘full of it’ at the end and asked for the music to be turned back up! Even the tea lady came in dancing to “Shake Your Tail Feather”. It was an absolute pleasure and a lovely atmosphere”. Kate and Steve Grant, Devon Coordinators

Camberley Manor
“Camberley Manor always go above and beyond for their residents and I’m just bowled over by the variety of musical stimulus they provide for their residents, they demonstrate a real relationship-centered focus”.  Rosanna Mead, Hampshire Coordinator

Gracewell of Weymouth 
Gracewell of Weymouth’s Activity Coordinator Rachel is always engaged with our sessions and I love to see her encouraging the residents to connect through the music, it’s clear that music is a big focus in the home, which is just amazing!” Rosanna Mead, Dorset Coordinator

Nyton House
“I am nominating Nyton House because they excel at creating a feeling of family, and are always very welcoming. In my opinion, they go above and beyond when it comes to providing activities for their residents, but even better than that, they always join in when they can with great enthusiasm”.  Kathryn Tarrant, West Sussex Coordinator 

Druid Stoke
“Druid Stoke is such a happy, cheerful place. The staff and the residents have such a good bond. They’re like one big happy family, it’s a pleasure to go there and be part of it every so often”. Anthony, Bristol Musica Musician


About Care Home of the Month

Care Home of the Month is an on-going achievement award scheme, and care homes are nominated on a monthly basis by our Musica Coordinators before being judged by the Musica Board of Directors. The team evaluate individual strengths accordingly to the five criteria points mentioned above and choose one care home to win the award in each territory per month.

Congratulations to our first group of winners. There were many great entries and it was hard for us to make a decision. Tune in this time next month to see who made Care Home of the Month of July.

You can find out more by visiting our Care Home of the Month page.