Musica’s Personal Approach


At Musica we pride ourselves on working in partnership with the care homes we visit. We work with care staff to ensure that our sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the residents. For Signature House in Dorchester, this means tailoring our sessions to fit in with their theme of the month – this month’s theme was France. Our Director and facilitator Rosanna Mead shares this beautiful story of friendship, meaningful conversations, and love with us.

The Session
The group was small, around 6 residents and one visitor. I started with selected pieces from Saint Saen’s Carnival of the Animals – The Swan, The Aquarium and The Fossils, gentle movements to the music using our scarves.

The pieces themselves sparked much discussion – down the road in Abbotsbury is a Swannery and the residents have been there before; we talked about how graceful swans are on the water, and of course, being close to the Jurassic Coast we had lots to talk about fossils and going fossil hunting at Lyme Regis! We then sang a number of songs again using the scarves, with the firm favourite being Que Sera Sera. After a discussion about where the term comes from, we spoke of Spain and moving onto Italy.

This prompted the song ‘That’s Amore.’ One lady, we’ll call her Mary, got up and started dancing with me. At the end of the piece, she sat down and with a tear in her eye said, “oh that was wonderful!” Mary then continued to tell us of when she grew up next to an Italian family, they couldn’t communicate with one another easily through English, but one day she heard her neighbour singing That’s Amore in the garden, Mary went around and sang with her neighbour, it sounded like such a special connection that they had at that moment in time through the music!

As the session continued Mary became more and more engaged, we sang Cheek to Cheek, again Mary got up and danced, and at the end of the piece she gave me a big kiss on each cheek and said “thank you so much, you’ve taken years off me! You’ve reminded me of love” and she told us how she met her husband when she was 15.

This interaction continued throughout the music; it was incredible to see! When the session ended Mary was so full of joy and gratitude, she ended up running down the corridor after me as I left, once again she said, “thank you” and gave me a big kiss!

The Activities Coordinator said the thing that made our session stand out was that it wasn’t all about the music, but it was about interaction and engaging the group. I’ll never forget that moment with Mary, and I very much look forward to visiting the home next month when the theme will be transformation!

Making It Fun
We would like to thank Rosanna and Signature House for allowing us to share this special moment with us and we hope this gives you a glimpse into our work. Taking part in group musical activity is a great way to form deeper connections and can improve social interaction. Our workshops are designed to engage and stimulate, increase self-esteem and improve overall well-being. The key ingredient is to achieve this by making it fun! For more information about our approach, and to book us for your next event please visit