Together we have a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of music for people living with Dementia, their carers and family. We believe in empowering family carers, strengthening connections, promoting memory recall in order to provide a deeper understanding of the person behind dementia and improve their overall wellbeing.
The Musica Team

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We are a music and health social enterprise with a clear objective to harmonise healthcare by embedding music into the dementia care plan journey. Musica is built on the values of creativity, connection and collaboration.

Our team have a background of over 25 years working in the healthcare sector as arts facilitators and academics. We pride ourselves on our partner working, and our services have been co-designed with our stakeholders. We are a corporate partner of the Alzheimer’s Society, a member of the National Dementia Action Alliance, and we are supporters of NAPA and Alzheimer’s Research.

We don’t offer Music Therapy (although some of our team are Music Therapists); we are Community Musicians, enabling people to develop active and creative participation in music. We are members of Sound Sense, and have signed up to the ArtWorks code of practice.

Musica - The Years

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Our team has a combined experience of over 25 years working in the healthcare sector both as arts/health facilitators as well as academic researchers. We are here to support you to use music in your daily Dementia care.


Frankie is a community musician specialising in working with older adults and those with dementia. Frankie is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Music Therapy at The University of the West of England.


Rosanna is the founder and Managing Director of Musica. She is passionate about the benefits that music can bring for people with Dementia and their carers, and she is on a mission to embed music into the Dementia care journey.