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Rosanna Mead
Somerset Coordinator

I’m Rosanna Mead, I’m the Director of Musica and also Musica Coordinator for Somerset. I set up Musica in 2010 out of a passion to provide meaningful music activities for people living with Dementia, and we’ve operated in Somerset since 2014, led by Frances DeBosdari. We are currently looking for the right person to become our next Coordinator for Musica Somerset. To find out more visit our franchise page.

Skills and background
Frances and I provide Musica’s services across Somerset, mainly working with care homes and day centres in the area. Please get in touch to find out how we can support you.

Instruments played:
- Clarinet
- Saxophone

What we offer in our area:
- Workshops
- Performances
- Every Voice Choir
- One-to-one interaction