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Musica is so much more than ‘entertainment’, we work in a responsive, participant-led way which makes us very unique.

Our approach
to Music and Wellbeing Interventions

We are a Dorset-based music and health consultancy with a clear objective to embed music into the dementia care plan journey. Working in the healthcare sector we have seen first-hand that social services are vital for enabling people to stay connected to their communities and live well. As a vital link between the arts and health worlds, we work at a local level educating and supporting service user groups, social care and health care professionals on preventative tools such as social prescribing.
More than entertainment
We work in a responsive, participant-led way which makes us very unique.
Meaningful music workshops
We use music as a tool for reminiscence
Engage and stimulate
Our workshops are designed to engage and stimulate, increase self-esteem and improve overall well-being
Joyful moments
The key ingredient is to achieve this by making it fun!

Music Workshops

Our meaningful music workshops use music as a tool for reminiscence and include a variety of activities such as movement to music; singing; percussion playing; quizzes and live music performances. Our workshops are designed to engage and stimulate, increase self-esteem and improve overall well-being. The key ingredient is to achieve this by making it fun!

Our workshops are designed to engage and stimulate, increase self-esteem and improve overall well-being. The key ingredient is to achieve this by making it fun!

We work with care staff to ensure that our sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the residents, and we encourage families to take part too.  Taking part in group musical activity is a great way to form deeper connections and can improve social interaction. Musica workshops are a key service in many care homes, and we love building long-lasting relationships with our clients through music.

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Special Events

We provide musical services such as workshops or performances at special events, for example, a resident’s birthday, care home open day, Christmas party etc. These sessions are completely tailored to the needs of the setting and are becoming more popular with care settings looking to provide something different for their event; who better to provide the musical element than Musica.

As a team, we play a variety of instruments and styles as well as vocal performances.  We can create a bespoke package of musical provision depending on your event and budget. If the event is a resident’s birthday, we love to work with the family too, ensuring that we provide a musical experience for all the family! We have contacts with many bands and performers in the areas in which we operate, so if we can’t provide the specific music required, then we will be sure to know someone who can!

Live Music Performances

We offer high quality, person-centred live music performances. This can either be to a group or one-to-one performances. We perform a large and varied repertoire and we love to take requests. In fact, the more tailored to the taste of the participants the better for boosting self-esteem and self-worth

We often provide performances in hospital settings and nursing homes. A report by Staricoff (2003) showed that live music performances can reduce the anxiety of patients, and the presence of musicians can change a ward environment for the better. The report states that the use of live music might be more effective than recorded music because it enables the patient to establish an interaction with the performer and helps to maintain concentration and distraction for a longer period of time.

Every Voice Choir

Inspired by the Live Music Now ‘Choir in Every Care Home’ initiative, Our Every Voice choirs aim to empower staff and residents to sing on a regular basis in their care homes and take ownership of their choir, facilitated by Musica. Every Voice Choir is a 10-week project of weekly rehearsals with Musica, and finishing with a performance either in the home or in the community. This can be used as a fundraising activity for the care home, all proceeds go directly to the home.

Our 45-minute rehearsal delivers the following:

  • Musical warm up
  • Participation from residents choosing songs
  • Connecting carers and residents
  • Song selection to practice as a group before the next Musica rehearsal
  • Songbooks to use in between rehearsals

The choir can also form a connection with the care home and their community, by inviting members of the community to take part and stay for tea and a natter afterward.

Love music? Want to make a difference? Join our team!

Our goal is to increase the use of music interventions within healthcare by embedding Musica in the heart of the dementia care plan journey by 2025. We are looking to fulfil this mission by recruiting additional Musica Coordinators to deliver Musica’s services in their local area. Are you a musician? Do you want to change the lives of people living with Dementia through music? Click below to find out how you can become our next Musica Coordinator.

What others say
about us

“Musica workshops are brilliant!  Before Claire starts the session she sits down and talks to the residents and shows them what she will be doing.  It makes a big difference, nearly every resident joins in.  Musica is one of the best sessions we have had for resident involvement.”


“I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything. It was great to see the difference and joy that your Musica workshop and energy brought to mum and many other residents at Cary Brook this week. It was clear that it was appreciated and enjoyed by all staff and visitors included. A great choice of music that brought memories flooding back, as well as accompanied by your great voice and engaging quiz. Pity it could not be more frequent!”


“Due to residents disabilities it is often difficult for them to read or talk but music reaches the areas of the brain they can’t normally access. With our dementia residents, they recognised the music and found the words to speak. Music is deeply rooted in peoples being!”


“Residents appear happier after a session and are often singing songs from the session and are often singing songs from the session later that day”


“It makes us happy to see them enjoying themselves and that they are well. The lift in mood and memory triggers encourage discussion and made it possible for me to find out more about a new resident who is very musical. We discovered she was once a very skilled piano player and had passed on those skills to her daughter. This knowledge is really helpful for me in caring for her as an individual. Thank you Musica!” Staff member

“The residents are always very relaxed and happy after the sessions so I greatly feel they help with their emotional wellbeing”


“Loved watching our residents engage with Frances and the music, they clearly really enjoyed the workshop.  Frances left them feeling uplifted and smiling, which was noticeable to staff who had a happy and calm lunchtime following her visit. Keep up the good work Musica!”