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Karen Owen
Wiltshire Coordinator

I'm Karen, the Music Co-ordinator for Wiltshire. With a Masters Degree in Musicology I have always been a passionate advocate of the therapeutic benefits of music. I've spent much of my working life promoting both listening to and making music in marketing roles for musical instrument and Hi-Fi manufacturers. After seeing the wonderful effect music has had on my Dad (who is living with Dementia himself) I am now devoting my time to sharing the joy of music with as many people as I can!

    Our Unique Approach
    At Musica we work with healthcare providers to help them embed music into their care plans. Our music workshops provide a responsive, resident-led experience that is tailored to their interests as we get to know each other. Your residents will enjoy an hour long session that includes movement, singing, percussion playing performance and conversation with an emphasis on fun and participation.

    If you'd like to learn more or book me for a workshop please drop me a line at