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Effective, affordable services designed to improve your performance and knowledge in the world of music and dementia.


Dr Rosie provides engaging and thought-provoking presentations on music and dementia care, change management, measuring the impact of activities in dementia care, how to support individuals experiencing agitation, and how to create dementia friendly environments.

Available for either a key note, half-day or full-day event, Dr Rosie is an experienced presenter, who never fails to engage her audience and make them feel valued and empowered.



Dr Rosie provides guest lectures to Universities around the world, topics include music and dementia care, involving people living with dementia in research, the ethics of dementia research, and self-care for caregivers.

Dr Rosie enjoys nothing more than sharing her expertise and research to enrich your curriculum. Dr offers subject-specific lectures to students in colleges and Universities as well as healthcare organisations.



We know that many of our clients wish to measure the impact of their activities, but many don’t know where to begin. We will support you by looking at your current activities and what outcomes you are hoping to measure; we will work with you to create a personalised impact measurement plan which you can implement yourself or we can measure the impact of your activities for you, providing you with a detailed impact report.



We understand that care budgets may not allow for a face to face consultation and related costs, and so we offer the opportunity to book an online consultation with Dr Rosie. Topics for this type of helicopter support may include but are not limited to: change management, embedding music into your dementia care provision, ideas for improving the environment.


Dr Rosie Mead is an expert in dementia care. Dr Rosie is an academic at heart, she started Musica in the final year of her Music Degree at Bath Spa University, going on to complete a Masters in Music Psychology at the University of Sheffield, followed by a PhD in Music Sociology at the University of Exeter. Dr Rosie's PhD explored the role of meaningful music within relational aspects of dementia care, particularly within short-stay acute wards.

Dr Rosie provides her own specialist consultancy in dementia care, supporting care settings to adopt new models of care and improve their dementia environments. Dr Rosie offers lectures and motivational speeches for Universities, conferences and/or training days, on the benefits of music within dementia care as well as working on an individual level with care organisations looking to improve or change their dementia care provision, and additionally self-care tips for paid and unpaid caregivers.