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“Musica workshops are brilliant!  Before Claire starts the session she sits down and talks to the residents and shows them what she will be doing.  It makes a big difference, nearly every resident joins in.  Musica is one of the best sessions we have had for resident involvement.” Patron House

“Being able to witness the look of recognition and  joy as residents respond to music and remember little things about their lives and share them with the group is wonderful.  I love hearing their music memories.” Activities Coordinator

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything. It was great to see  the difference and  joy that your Musica workshop and energy brought to mum and many other residents at Cary Brook this week. It was clear that it was appreciated and enjoyed by all staff and visitors included. A great choice of music that brought memories flooding back, as well as accompanied by your great voice and engaging quiz. Pity it could not be more frequent!”  Piers Simpkin, Carybrook

“Everyone really enjoyed the Musica interactive workshop. Many thanks to Claire for making it such an inclusive session” Hengrove

“Loved watching our residents engage with Frances and the music, they clearly really enjoyed the workshop.  Frances left them feeling uplifted and smiling, which was noticeable to staff who had a happy and calm lunchtime following her visit. Keep up the good work Musica!” Carybrook

“Due to residents disabilities it is often difficult for them to read or talk but music reaches the areas of the brain they can’t normally access. With our dementia residents they recognised the music and found the words to speak. Music is deeply rooted in peoples being!” Staff member

“It makes us happy to see them enjoying themselves and that they are well. The lift in mood and memory triggers encourage discussion and made it possible for me to find out more about a new resident who is very musical. We discovered she was once a very skilled piano player and had passed on those skills to her daughter. This knowledge is really helpful for me in caring for her as an individual. Thank you Musica!” Staff member

“The residents are always very relaxed and happy after the sessions so I greatly feel they help with their emotional wellbeing” Staff member

“Residents appear happier after a session and are often singing songs from the session and are often singing songs from the session later that day” Staff member