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Rosanna Mead
Wiltshire Coordinator

Rosanna is the founder and Managing Director of Musica. She is passionate about the benefits that music can bring for people with Dementia and their carers, and she is on a mission to embed music into the Dementia care journey. Since 2010 Rosanna has grown Musica by expanding through social franchising, supporting our Musica Coordinators to build a business and life they love. Rosanna’s biggest achievement is turning Musica into a not for profit social enterprise, ensuring our community stays at the heart of everything we do.
Skills and background
Rosanna Mead is an expert in Dementia care. Rosanna is an academic at heart, she started Musica in the final year of her Music Degree at Bath Spa University, going onto complete a Masters in Music Psychology at the University of Sheffield. She is now in the final year of a PhD in Sociology at the University of Exeter, where she is conducting an ethnography of agitation in patients with Dementia in acute hospital wards and the role that music can play in reducing symptoms of agitation. Rosanna provides her own specialist consultancy in dementia care, supporting care settings to adopt new models of care and improve their dementia environments. Rosanna offers lectures and motivational speeches for Universities, conferences and/or training days, on the benefits of music within dementia care as well as working on an individual level with care organisations looking to improve or change their dementia care provision.