Uncategorized Musica Awarded £8k Grant to Launch Press Play to Rewind in Care Homes

March 22, 2018

Social Enterprise Company, Musica Music and Wellbeing, has been awarded a grant of £8,880 to invest in Dorset’s Care Home Sector. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund, care homes across Dorset will be entitled to subsidised training on how to establish a personalised music playlist scheme within their homes.

Since 2010, it has been Musica’s mission to use music to benefit the wellbeing of others, and over the last 8 years its outreach programme has delivered over 1,150 workshops, reaching over 10,000 older adults and their carers. In recognition of their success, Musica have received several awards including the Small Business Sunday Award, created by Dragon’s Den investor, Theo Paphitis. The company officially launched its latest project, ‘Press Play to Rewind’, this month.

‘Press Play to Rewind’ is a new initiative developed by Musica Music and Wellbeing CIC with the potential to greatly improve and transform the care of older adults living in residential care.

As the first programme of its kind to be rolled out across England, ‘Press Play to Rewind’ calls for a person-centred care approach and aims to reduce the burden on health services by using music to deliver improvements in personal health and well-being. Today’s news comes amid research showing that music – and in particular, personalised music – can be highly effective in engaging parts of the brain known to regulate emotion and autobiographical memory. As a result, music can be used as a powerful tool to promote a wide range of hugely beneficial outcomes for people, including those with dementia.

A Cost-effective Solution

Despite a promising evidence-base which is quickly gaining exposure, only 5% of care homes in the UK have a good quality arts and music provision for their residents. A life without music is unimaginable for many, and yet for some people in care homes – opportunities to access music are few and far between. Music budgets in care homes are often too limited to deliver meaningful music provision. ‘Press Play to Rewind’ is a cost-effective way to enable music to be provided internally to residents as part of their everyday care; as opposed to relying on external providers who may visit on a less frequent basis.

A Preventative and Supportive Tool for Care Homes 

The ‘Press Play to Rewind’ approach is unique and underpinned by research. Tapping into the power of music on a daily basis doesn’t have to become an additional burden on existing workloads; on the contrary, it can act as a supportive tool, with research showing it can increase a sense of self-identity, and quality of life.

The project is designed to be used as a preventative tool within care homes, as it can help to manage challenging behaviours typically affected by mood, agitation and anxiety. Our training approach is developed and delivered by practitioners in the field and covers a variety of subjects such as self-identity, social interaction and agitation; each can be a common cause for concern when choosing to place a loved one in to residential care. For many, music is a part of daily life. We all know that flashback-feeling, when a song comes on the radio and transports us to another time, person or place.

Project Manager Diane Samways says ‘The proven benefits of music are enormous and currently an untapped resource, especially in the health sector. It is our mission to place Dorset at the heart of the arts and health community, as a place that promotes bonding, communication and wellbeing.

The Big Lottery Fund funds projects and activities that make communities stronger and more vibrant, and that are led by the people who live in them. They are responsible for giving out 40 per cent of funds raised by National Lottery, and have awarded more than £6.5 billion to projects since June 2004.

To qualify for a subsidised fee of £50 per care home, you need to be located within Dorset and apply via email. Funding is limited, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. To find out more information please visit www.musica-music.co.uk or contact Sam Sumner on admin@musica-music.co.uk, or call 078813 45 013.